The “stock” element gives the shotgun the right balance, transforming it into a natural extension of the shooter’s body. And it should be clear, even if this is often not the case, that before setting your technique and position, especially for those new to the sport, you should own a stock that meets your needs and matches your physique.

In short, the stock is a key factor in the shooter’s performance and must be adapted, in the most natural way possible, to their physique.

There is no strict reference to body size, arm length, chest width, well not just those at least. When we talk about an adjustable stock we are also referring to the fact that the element reflects how the shooter holds the shotgun and shoots.

Futur-K6AM adjustable stock or traditional solid wood stock: which one should you choose?

In clay pigeon shooting, having an excellent shotgun with excellent barrels and durable and perfect mechanics is not enough to obtain excellent results if the stock does not suit the shooter and if, on the contrary, they have to modify their shooting position to adapt to their shotgun. In another article, we talked about the importance of the stock for a correct shooting position.

Having a shotgun with a standard stock, even if made of solid wood and well made, is not the same as having a fully adjustable one.

Futur-K6AM stock or calcio tradizionale in legno: quale è migliore?

The argument concerning shotgun stocks is certainly very delicate.

Some are in favor of using only wooden stocks simply because they are traditionalists. But if you want to practice clay pigeon shooting at a certain level and achieve good results, you should have a fully adjustable stock that allows you to refine the folds suitable for creating a customized position over time.

When technology and innovation come to the rescue of shooters, facilitating their activity, they should take advantage of the opportunity and follow this natural course of technological evolution.

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adjustable shotgun stock reduce recoil

Stock adaptability and customization: the superiority of the Futur-K6AM aluminum and wooden adjustable stock

Based on the concept that the shotgun must be an extension of the shooter’s body thanks to the connecting element – the stock, it is clear that a wooden stock will have to undergo numerous interventions by master craftsmen.

These interventions will give the piece of wood, after numerous and exhausting tests, all the folds, deviations, advances, angles, and protrusions that reflect their build, but also the way the shooter holds and shoots the shotgun.

futur-k 6am adjustable stock

On the contrary, an adjustable stock such as the Futur-K6AM, in addition to giving the shotgun a modern and extremely technical and professional style, is modeled on the shooter directly on the field. In fact, by fixing the high-strength steel screws, it is possible to modify the stock through the aluminum structure in terms of:

– length, thanks to a ring nut that shortens or lengthens the stock by 1mm at each turn and is then fixed thanks to slides;

– vertical adjustment, thanks to the vertical sliding of the butt plate for the correct shoulder positioning of the shotgun;

adjustment of the pitch angle by always intervening on the oscillating capacity of the butt plate, then managing to secure it thanks to a mechanical tightening;

– deviation adjustment takes place independently of the height adjustment of the buttplate and also allows you to adjust both the translation and rotation of the buttplate;

with the insertion of deviation plates, the fold can be further customized;

– the nosepiece and Montecarlo can be adjusted both vertically, in terms of height, and horizontally, allowing the shooter to find the right alignment of the eye, rib, and front sight, based on their physical conformation and shooting technique.

All changes are generally made before going to the field, but given the simplicity of making changes with a single 3 mm wrench, it is possible to make some adjustments during the shotgun test, even in the field.

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The weight of the Futur-K6AM and the ability to absorb recoil: nothing is left to chance!

The weight of the Futur-K6AM wood-aluminum stock is designed to give the shotgun the right balance and therefore does not depend on the season, nor is it affected by atmospheric conditions, or the presence of excessive environmental humidity.

And again, the ability to absorb the recoil of blows is not entrusted to the difficult choice of the cut of briar-root and its longitudinal veins. More simply, it depends on interchangeable rubber shock absorbers which functionally absorb the opposing forces, reducing recoil and the shotgun’s rotation.

Regarding this aspect, it is also necessary to highlight that with the Futur-K6AM the shooter can choose different degrees of recoil absorption divided according to the hardness/resistance of the rubbers which are of the hardness of 70sh, 80sh, 90sh (sh stands for shore which is the hardness of the rubber).

This completes and closes the circle of the ability to customize the Futur-K6AM stock.

The advantages of the Futur-K6AM adjustable stock

There are many benefits of an adjustable stock for shotguns, and they can really make a difference in a shooter’s performance.

In particular, owning a Futur-K6AM stock offers tangible advantages in terms of time, money, and above all, technical content.

A classic wooden stock, on the other hand, would require the intervention of the craftsman at every change of fold that the shooter may need.

Look at all the versions of the Futur-K6AM stock here, and choose the perfect model and handle for you … and start breaking more targets!

Have fun!