Simple, safe, precise: Futur-K6 AM is everything that professionals and shooting enthusiasts have always wanted for their stock.

Futur-K6AM guarantees the most exceptional comfort ever experienced, thanks to six adjustable parts for infinite shooting positions and three levels of shock absorption.

Patented systems make our stock adaptable to every shooter’s needs and physiognomy.

Without ever neglecting the fundamental characteristics, Futur-K6AM is indeed functional and versatile.

To make this a reality, we have realised this stock by taking advantage of twenty years of experience in precision mechanics.

Furthermore, in order to achieve something unique and revolutionary, we have taken advantage of the development of consultancy for competitive shooters and cartridge manufacturers.

In this article we will discuss:

Futur-K6AM stock settings

All the structural elements are made of highly resistant and light alloys.

The adjustments we’ve designed are truly endless.

1. Comb adjustments

The comb can be adjusted vertically from 15 to 35 mm by changing the columns which are 20 mm and 30-40 mm (for those shooting with raised ribs).

The comb can also be tilted by turning it forward and backward.

This adjustment is important to make sure the alignment is vertical to the rib or to obtain the advance that each shooter wants on the rib of the shotgun.

In this way, the stock can be optimised for any facial structure and any shooter.

The position of the comb is adjusted horizontally by moving the pins with relative reference notches.

2. Adjusting the lenght of the stock

Operation possible with a ring nut. It allows you to lengthen or shorten the stock by 1 mm every rotation (even reaching 0.25 mm, as there are four positioning niches on the ring).

The range of travel is from 34.5 to 41 cm. A huge margin in short, for shooters of all heights and for all arm compliance.

The regulation of the length of the stock, up to its maximum extension, does not change the operation of the damping system.

3. Adjusting the pitch angle

An adjustment that guarantees the greatest management of the shotgun, managing to provide sure stability and the right inclination once it has been fixed.

4. Vertical adjustment of the butt plate

The scroll of the butt plate is 23 mm and allows you to find the position on your shoulder vertically. It is a truly comfortable feature. Above all, vertical shifting is very useful because it provides the shape for a Montecarlo type stock.

5. Adjustment of the deflection or rotation of the butt plate

It can be moved to the side, allowing it also to make a particular rotation.

All Futur-K6AM stock adjustments have been designed to be independent.

This allows the shooter to find the ideal configuration by working sequentially and isolated on each adjustment.

Adjustment of the deflection or rotation of the butt plate

The balance of the Futur-K6AM stock

This step is essential for the right balance of the shotgun.

The Futur-K6AM stock is equipped with weights that can be stacked and housed in a specially created compartment, located under the comb.

These are small “ingots”, each weighing 30 grams. Those who shoot with a high comb will be able to insert up to 4 in the weight compartment, reaching 120 grams.

But it is possible to choose combinations of 60 and 90 grams.

Therefore, it is easy to optimise the balance point of the shotgun on the central pin of the hinge.

Which parts of the body should you train?

The shock-absorbing systems of the Futur-K6AM stock

In addition to the countless adjustment possibilities, another absolute novelty of this system is the shock absorption levels.

A specific damper positioned between the wood plate and the body of the shotgun has been included. This greatly helps to limit vibrations.
Above all, shock absorbing levels have been provided for the recoil, based on specific needs. In fact, it is enough to simply interchange the various elastomeric pads supplied to vary the compensation according to their hardness, measured in Shore.
It is so for rubber pads ranging from 70 to 80, and up to 90 Shore, with an increase in the hardness of the material (an optional 60 Shore rubber pad is also provided).

To be clear: if the rubber is softer and more elastic, it will combine with a powerful cartridge with greater recoil. The softer the rubber, the more suitable it will be with cartridges that are important for weight and speed.

Clearly, the greater the recoil, the greater the need for elasticity to passively absorb the blow.

The stability of the shotgun is very important, especially between the first and the second shot, and the various shapes of the rubbers can adapt the stock to more or less sensitive people. In fact, the shooter will choose the desired and less tiring effect.

The system used, verified by careful studies, analysis and instrumental tests, guarantees a reduction of the vibrations transmitted to the shooter’s hand-arm system by 25%.

This technology not only facilitates the firing action but also significantly reduces fatigue. A great advantage for the shooter, who will be able to use the shotgun comfortably.

The amortization system is patented both in Italy and abroad.

How the Futur-K6AM stock is made

The project started at the end of 2015 and has continued up to its fifth version.

The mechanical parts of the Futur-K6AM stock are entirely made by our company, and this has allowed us to check every step of the process and follow the evolution of the product.

Futurmec is a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and Ohsas 18001: 2007 certified company and is about to pass UNI EN ISO 45001: 2018.

The wood and treatments come from certified suppliers, who have been following our work process with care for years.

The product is entirely CE certified, and customer care is particularly evolved: we guarantee our maximum availability in clearly explaining the various adjustments, teaching all the steps to customers to facilitate the different customisation procedures.

How the Futur-K6AM stock is made

Which shotguns can the Futur-K6AM stock be fitted with?

It is suitable for many types of shotguns, and you can find the various models on our website.

Available guns

There are two different configurations: Standard and New Comfort.

1. Standard Gun. The sizes range from XS to XL. It is a more technical pistol, which is slightly binding in the measurements themselves. For this, we offer a wide range of choices to fit its dimensions to each hand.

2. New Comfort Gun. It was created with a design that is more suited to the hand. It has a comfortable and more ergonomic handle and is available in three sizes (S, M and L).

The Futur-K6AM stock is increasingly customisable

The Futur-K6AM stock is increasingly customisable

Even the aesthetics of Futur-K6AM are extremely customisable. The customer can choose between 5 colours and combined them with the 4 available colours for the cylindrical insert.

As a result, the shape of the gun can change, choosing between our two models available.

To see the final result, we have created a configurator that compares all the various colour combinations on our website.

But that’s not all, because we’ve also made two special editions.

The inner workings remain unchanged, but, in these versions, our Futur-K6AM stock is characterised by different and more prestigious finishes. I’m:

• Futur-K6 All Black. In this special model, the parts are black, with an anodised glossy finish.

• Futur-K6 Engraved. Here the incisions are made strictly by hand on the sides of the stock.

The Futur-K6AM stock is increasingly customisable

Futur-K6AM is the stock of the future

The endless adjustments and the patented cushioning system make Futur-K6AM the stock of tomorrow. Ideal for recoil-sensitive shooters, but also for hunters who want a ductile shotgun. In fact:

• The shotgun is softer, and shooting becomes less tiring and more fun.

• Second-barrel recoveries are faster and more precise thanks to greater stability.

• The recoil is minimal, thanks to the patented cushioning system, and more manageable even with heavy weights.

Remember that due to the possibility of an optimal set-up, the stock will adapt to any shooter and all uses.