Futur K6 AM

The “Maxi” model was created for the need of tall shooters. With its 10 mm extra length in the body only, it makes this stock essential for shooting giants. The simplicity of the adjustments and the dampening of the recoil remain unchanged.

Warning: selecting the Benelli 828U as the brand of shotgun, it will be possible to select only the New Comfort 828U pistol and the sizes S, M and L.

Butt plate none
Cylinder none
Body none
Handle none
Comb none
Tutti i campi sono obbligatori. Inserisci tutte le informazioni per poter acquistare il prodotto.

All FK6 stocks are equipped with the revolutionary new plate.

A multifunctional system for quick hooking/unhooking, which also allows further adjustments.

Choose the handle size

Standard Handle

MEASUREMENT Height h Length L
XS 75 mm 93 mm
S 82 mm 99 mm
M 90 mm 105 mm
L 90 mm 112 mm
XL 100 mm 112 mm

New Comfort Handle

Futur-k6-pistola-new comfort misure
MEASUREMENT Height h Length L
S 80 mm 95 mm
M 90 mm 105 mm
L 97 mm 112 mm

New Comfort 828U Handle

MEASUREMENT  Height h  Length L
 S  80mm  97mm
 M  90mm  107mm
 L  97mm  112mm

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