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Future is in technology. Futurmec certified company

Technology, machinery and services: we provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions for top-quality machining and increasingly specialist services.

Behind the design of the Futur-K6 is Futurmec‘s twenty-year experience, the precision mechanic specialists. Futurmec has 36 staff members, who undergo continuous training in the manufacturing and assembly of mechanical parts for a wide range of applications, meeting clients’ needs in a fast-developing, highly globalised market. All this together with careful company organisation, means Futurmec is a reliable, competitive business.

Amortisation system protected by patent both in Italy and abroad

The technology used in addition to facilitating the action of the shot significantly reduces fatigue through the absorption of the recoil and generated vibrations. The system used, verified by careful studies, analysis and instrumental tests guarantees a reduction of the vibrations transmitted to the user’s hand-arm system by 25%.


Futur-K6AM Kick

Measuring Caliper RSR01

Certificate of Conformity Futur-K6AM Kick

Certificate of Product Conformity – Measuring Caliper RSR01


Italy Patent

Europe Patent

USA Patent

Spare parts

The spare parts, that may be more subject to wear, can be changed at any time.


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Technical features

Futur-K6AM technology provides a setting with infinite adjustments and excellent comfort.


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