The shotgun’s stock is a key element. Those who don’t pay attention to shooting problems and the results to be achieved may only consider it the element hat connects the shotgun to the shooter’s body. The situation is very different for those who practice sports such as clay pigeon shooting. In fact, the latter are well aware of the importance of the right stock if you want to perform well and assume a correct shooting position.

The importance of balance in the shooting position

In choosing a shotgun, novices are often misled, simply by the fact that the proposed shotgun is well-aimed, and that is, that once shouldered, the eye, rib, and gunsight can be perfectly aligned.

Of course, this is an important but unessential aspect, because any discreet shooter is able to find the right line of sight even with a shotgun with an unsuitable stock.

A basic problem arises later, when, for example, the stock’s handle is unsuitable and does not allow the shooter to get a good grip, creating difficulty in drawing the shotgun to himself or herself.

When the shotgun’s center of gravity is unbalanced and not in equilibrium, due to a stock not suited to the shooter, then phenomena such as the upward wheelie or the downward pitch of the shotgun occur after the shot is fired.

These are phenomena that are also accentuated by an incorrect fold of the stock. The lack of balance of the shotgun, due to an unsuitable stock, also determines a rotation of the same, which becomes barely controllable:

  • in the first phase of the explosion of the charge, when it occurs around its center of gravity;
  • in the second phase of the expulsion, when the rotation will concern the support pin on the shoulder.

The result is a discontinuity in the line of sight which makes it very difficult to engage the target and recover it if missed. In addition, in the long run, constant adjustment to the weapon setting by the shooter leads to physical and mental exhaustion, which results in poor performance.

Why is the choice of stock essential for the shooting setting?

The answer to the question of whether the shotgun stock affects a correct shooting position is yes.

In fact, if we analyze this element of the shotgun in detail, especially if we are talking about clay pigeon shooting shotguns or in any case shotguns of a certain qualitative target, we will notice that the many elements that compose it will have dimensions adapted to the user’s size.

The balance of these elements will result in the perfect stock for every shooter.

Doing this helps you to always have a balanced shotgun that does not weigh on the forearm and limits the rotations of the shotgun and the violent recoils that strain the shoulder and face, causing soreness and loss of grip and line of sight.

The position that a shooter will take on the platform, with a shotgun that is equipped with a standard stock or in any case an unsuitable stock, will be characterized by an adaptation of the body to the shotgun, as mentioned.

This will cause the assumption of a rigid, not very fluid, and unnatural position, forced to find the line of sight and always aimed at predicting and anticipating shotgun discards after the first shot. In another article, we have already explored the differences between an adjustable and fixed stock.

And we concentrate so much on this last aspect that often the first shot is “thrown” for fear of missing the second because of a shotgun that is not well balanced.

On the contrary, a custom-made stock, such as the F-K6, allows you to create an element that adapts perfectly to the shooter’s physical conformation.

In addition, the F-K6 adjustable stock also features a shock absorber that dampens the shot by 25% less, and each shooter will be more aligned in hitting the target with the second shot.

adjustable shotgun stock by Futur-K 6AM

In general, we are speaking of high-quality wood/aluminum solutions that allow you, on the shooting range, and with low costs, to quickly obtain a balanced, custom-made stock, with the possibility of adapting it to different shotguns and different disciplines.

With a stock like this, the shooter will be able to assume, indeed will have to assume, the most natural position possible based on their physical qualities, shooting skills, and preparation.

Thus, the shooting position on the platform will be fluid and very natural, allowing the shooter, once the gun is in place, to focus only on the target. In fact, in this way, the shotgun will truly result as an extension of the body.

What are the characteristics of a custom-made stock?

The elements to consider when defining a wooden or a custom-made wooden/aluminum stock are:

1 – The handle, which must respect the size of the shooter’s hand to facilitate holding the shotgun more closely to the body (at this link you will find all the information on how to choose the right handle size);

2 – The length of the stock, which must then be chosen according to the length of the arms. In this way, the shotgun’s center of gravity will be in equilibrium, allowing a better redistribution of the shotgun’s weight and less fatigue for the arm that supports the shotgun;

3 – The nosepiece, which must be more or less upright according to the length of the shooter’s neck, and will greatly support the face, also allowing perfect alignment of the eye, rib, and front sight;

4 – The butt plate and the pitch angle: the first will adapt the length of the stock more, if you do not have one that can be modified that easily allows you to lengthen and shorten it, cushioning the recoil. The second, on the other hand, will establish the inclination of the shotgun based on the width of the shoulders and chest and the style of shouldering if upright or bent;

5 – The fold and the advantage are two other features that adapt to the shooting setting and the ability of the shooter to hit upright and lateral shots. Only in this way will it be possible to obtain a shotgun that adapts to the shooter’s body and will allow him to assume the correct position.

futur-k 6am adjustable stock

The shooter will also be free at this point to assume the position most suited to them, confident that the opposing forces of the recoil and rotation will be perfectly absorbed and manageable, and that they will have a shotgun that will allow them to immediately be on target, supporting the shot and the achievement of the target.

Have fun!