The revolutionary adjustable and shock-absorbing stock designed by Marche-based company Futurmec (Italy) improved to be even more comfortable and versatile: starting from the quick-release plate, the new revolutionary plate.

Ancora più custom

The Futurmec stock certainly represents a significant innovation in a sector, that of clay shootings, that even today is rather traditionalist. Beyond the technological and modern design, the very technical contents of the Futur-K 6AM stock are interesting: the possibility to almost completely adjust the stock, the presence of an anatomical handle and, finally, the capability to reduce the recoil by 25%, thanks to a patented original system.

We have already talked about these qualities in an article published on the Armi & Tiro magazine of May 2019, but in the meantime the company hasn’t twiddle their thumbs, making a series of further improvements that are worth mentioning.

The qualities

The Futurmec Futur-K 6AM stock is made in a way that permits to choose the anatomical pistol-grip handle size and its profile (with the grow more or less evident); in addition, it allows the adjustment of the height and the shifting of the comb, it allows an extremely fine adjustment of the length of the stock itself, it allows the vertical and horizontal adjustment, and the rotation of the butt-plate, as well as the variation of the pitch.

These are all the qualities that the stock has had since the beginning and for which the stock is already, objectively, a highly technical product for any discipline of sports shooting.
However, with regard to these adjustments, further possibilities of customization have been introduced.

Ancora più custom il calcio regolabile FuturK-6am: piastra multifunzione

Between the body of the stock and the handle-coupling plate there used to be different plates in different measures that now have been replaced by just one plate (new revolutionary plate). So, this is the most important change.
Now there is a quick-release plate that corresponds to a part with lateral trapezoidal surfaces that are blocked by two set screws.
When the set screws are blocked the whole is perfectly fixed; by loosening the set screws, the stock can be immediately removed. This allows, first of all, to use one single stock on more rifles, by keeping the adjustments already set. But there is more, a part of this new revolutionary plate can be vertically shifted, with an increase of 1 mm, so permitting a further shifting of the stock with respect to the position of the comb.
In addition, by rotating the same part by 180°, it is possible to insert a 2mm lateral offset on the right for right-handed people, and, with a different rotation of the plate it is possible to move it on the left for left-handed people.
Among the further adjustments made on the project, there is also a light-alloy contrasting setscrew that guarantees the conservation of the setting of the pitch also after shooting a great number of shots, serving as an endpoint.

Still speaking of the pitch, the central adjusting screws have been removed, though leaving the empty hole (covered by the Italian flag), in case one wants to move the position of the butt-plate 20 mm lower, determining a lifting of the Montecarlo by 20 mm. As for the butt-plate, also a version in wood has been added, especially thought for those who need to make sure to have the maximum sliding of the butt-plate when they sling the rifle (let’s especially think of skeet and sporting, in which the performance requires to start with the rifle on the move).

Ancora più custom: calcio regolabile e versatile

The anti-recoil system

The Futurmec stock, beyond its maximum flexibility of adjustments and customization, includes also a patented anti-recoil system, that works through a replaceable elastomeric rubber, with different rubber hardness from a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 90 shores (the default rubber is white, 70 shore of hardness, that of 80 and 90 are also provided, the 60-shore rubber is optional).

The original rubbers have parallel minor sides, while the new developed ones, that can be bought as an optional on the company website, have convergent minor side and are trapezoidal, that contribute even more efficiently to the reduction of the recoil, progressively from the beginning of the recoil to its end. Also, the setscrew of the damping cartridge has been upgraded, passing from steel to aluminium with a weight savings of 60%.

Article by Ruggero Pettinelli published in Armi & Tiro of April 2024