The Futur-Kup 2024 saw incredible participation in its 5th Edition, held from May 24th to 26th at the prestigious T.A.V Cieli Aperti by Renato Lamera.

Over 140 shooters from all over Italy demonstrated that there is a solid Futur-K6AM community dedicated to fully embracing their passion for clay pigeon shooting.

Competition, innovation, and sharing!

Despite a total prize pool of €5,000 at stake for this edition, the Futur-Kup is not just a shooting competition as one might think. The Futur-Kup is a unique opportunity for shooters to meet, compare notes, and most importantly, contribute to improving the Futur-K6 AM stock.

This edition introduced several new features that will make using the Futur-K6AM stock even more straightforward and practical, despite the high level of technological research and know-how that sets it apart from other solutions.


Dedicated workshops showcased how to use the new Futur-K6AM accessories and tools, particularly the aligner for quickly finding the correct stock measurements and the new RSR01 caliper that allows easy transfer of measurements from an existing stock to the Futur-K6 AM stock.

T.A.V. Cieli Aperti: a location and welcome of excellence!

Choosing T.A.V Cieli Aperti as the event location played a crucial role in the success of this 5th Edition of the Futur-Kup. Impeccable organization accompanied the entire weekend of competitions, making every registered shooter feel “almost at home.”

For the second time, the Futur-Kup was held at T.A.V. Cieli Aperti, and for the second time, we can confirm, thanks to the extraordinary work of Renato Lamera, that we were fortunate to spend a weekend of shooting in one of the most representative settings for clay pigeon shooting in Italy.

I vincitori della Futur-Kup 2024

The results of the Futur-Kup: congratulations to the winners!

The competition to win the 5th Edition of the Futur-Kup was intense, fair, and as always, heart-stopping. Here we celebrate the winners of this 5th Edition:

Overall Ranking

  1. Tanfoglio Francesco (after the barrage)
  2. Merigo Gianfranco
  3. Stella Gianluca

First Category

  1. Tanfoglio Francesco
  2. Righetti Alessio
  3. Tacchetto Robertino

Second Category

  1. Stella Gianluca
  2. Fenaroli Cesare
  3. Borlini Graziano

Third Category

  1. Civera Matteo
  2. Gerri Alberto
  3. Giunta Pietro


  1. Fenaroli Cesare
  2. Bertazzoli Bruno
  3. Borlini Graziano


  1. Moioli Maurizio
  2. Pesci Marino
  3. Legramandi Angelo
Futur-Kup 2024: ringraziamenti a Renato Lamera

A Special thanks to Renato Lamera

We thank everyone who helped make this latest edition special as always. But we especially want to extend personal thanks to Renato Lamera. Throughout the event, he managed to convey his story of humility and dedication, ensuring that competition and friendship blended perfectly.

This is why it was an honor for us to organize this event at T.A.V. Cieli Aperti and to demonstrate that the true community of clay pigeon shooting is more alive than ever!

Looking forward to the next edition and meanwhile, the Futur-K6 AM stock continues to evolve

It will be challenging to replicate the success of this edition of the Futur-Kup, but as always, we will do our best. In the meantime, the new features presented for the Futur-K6 AM stock will soon be available to all shooters, with the contribution of people like Renato Lamera who share our passion for clay pigeon shooting.