Sport clay pigeon shooting, as mentioned several times, is a postural and precision sport, where the shooter will have to create a whole with their own rifle, so as to make the technical gesture more fluent and controlled, by increasing, as a consequence, the possibility of hitting the clay pigeon thrown by the traps (clay pigeon-throwing machines).

The rifles that are most widely used in our sport are pepperbox rifles, and in most cases, soon after purchase, the shooter will tend to modify the rifle stock, taking it to an artisan who will make him the one tailored to his physical and technical characteristics.

Today there are models, such as the Futur-K6AM for example, which allow you to adjust the stock in the best possible way for the technical needs of the user.

Ad-hoc rifle stocks: the adjustable models

Futur-K6AM: the adjustable stock designed for precision shooting

Until a decade ago, the shooter’s only alternative was to buy or have the gunsmith buy a headed wood stock and then have it crafted by the artisan.

Today, however, there are adjustable rifle stocks like the Futur-K6AM, that allow the shooter to choose a handle (the prehensile part of the rifle stock, near the magazine of the rifle) ad hoc and to adjust afterwards, during the trials in the shooting field, all the important parameters for making a tailored rifle stock.

Thanks to these adjustable rifle stocks, the shooter will have the opportunity to modify, when they believe it is most necessary, several parameters:

  • Lop rifle stock length: by screwing or unscrewing the central ferrule on the rifle stock, the total length of the rifle stock and consequently the lop can be increased or decreased
  • Butt plate height: possibility of moving the butt plate, up and down so that it will be perfect for contact with the shooter’s chest/shoulder
  • Pitch: possibility to modify the pitch angle thanks to a mechanical locking device placed in the lower part of the rifle stock
  • Deviation: independent adjustment, also permits to adjust the translation and the rotation of the butt plate
  • Deviation plates: to further increase the customization of the deviation
  • Comb and “Montecarlo”: horizontal and vertical adjustments having the aim of helping the shooter find the correct barrel rib-front sight-eye alignment
  • Rubbers for the recoil: possibility to choose among several rubbers of different resistance based on the type of cartridge used and the sensation of the recoil that the scooter will want to feel

All the adjustments for the futur-lk6am rifle stock indicated can be made using one single 3 mm Allen Wrench and, because of the simplicity with which the adjustments can be made, the shooter will have the possibility to make adjustments anytime.

Additional benefits of the Futur-K6AM adjustable stock

Thanks to the recoil reduction system (rubbers inserted in the rifle stock), you will have the possibility to use more or less hard cartridges, without affecting the stability and the feeling of tiredness / pain caused by the recoil of the rifle, mainly between the first and the second shot fired.

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