Trial of Futur-K6AM stock with Gianluca Garolini, Baschieri & Pellagri ballistics consultant

It’s like firing nothing!
That’s what the marksmen who have tried it
have said.

The development of the stock took two years of continued improvements and upgrades. The Futurmec-FK6AM stock was developed with the aid of competing marksmen and cartridge manufacturers interested in future developments.

Two years spent on the firing range, where the stock was tested for all shooting specialisations, from Skeet to Hunting.

We have fired every type of cartridge, from 24 to 28 grams. We were also bold enough to shoot cartridges with “unusual” weights, such as the 32 grams and even hunting cartridges with more thrust.
But in every case:

– The shotgun was softer, easier to shoot and more fun
– Second barrel recoveries are faster and more precise, thanks to the improved stability
– Recoil is at a minimum, thanks to the patented damping system that is even easier to manage with heavier weights

This is why the Futur-K6AM is the ideal solution for marksmen who are very sensitive to recoil, including hunters looking for a softer movement when shooting. Thanks to adjustments and the patented damping system, the stock adapts to the marksman’s every need and shape.

Designed to absorb up to 25% of the shot

See the range test using B&P cartridges

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