The RSR01 caliper

Dedicated to shooting sports lovers

A long time ago, as veterans tell, not much importance was given to the shape of the rifle stock

The same shape, with few variations, had to fit everyone. But clay-pigeon-shooting lovers soon realized that the rifle stock had to be tailored to each person’s physical characteristics, that had to fit perfectly with the shooter’s personal measures so as to create man-gun combo that would permit quick and natural aiming, correct grip and, in short, readiness and precision of shooting

It is in response to these needs for personalization of so-called “folds” of the rifle stock that we have created the Futur-K6AM system

With the RSR01 project, we have wanted to offer lovers the useful tool to keep track of all the personalization records of these folds

A “caliper” permits you to objectively measure the configurations that you feel are suitable for your shooting position. The RSR01 “caliper” is easy to use, practical and handy, to be kept at hand all the time in your sports equipment to chart all the personalizations that your best shooting experiences suggest

As this is a tool thought for fellow lovers, it was made in a minimum number of pieces; all of them handcrafted but with the use of materials and manufacturing technologies in line with the modern technological character of our company: carbon fiber bar – body with lightened reticular structure, pieces for magnetic locking, slide and feeler made in 3d printed Nylon in SLS – aluminium guides and graded panels in anodized aluminium with laser engraving – transparent graded bottom panel in plexiglass.

The two separate parts with a privileged view of the carbon rod, making sure that the intertwined fibers are recognizable

Detail of the coupling magnetic plug with carbon rod

The body seen from above in perspective to show the aluminum guides and the detail of the probe slide

The body seen both from the side with the graduated scale and from the opposite side to show the reticular structure

Zoom on the semicircular lateral protractor

View from the bottom showing the plexiglass panel with the graduated scale and the logo

The new Regulator Gauge RSR01 is available